Credit Repair and Foreclosure Company in Hot Water in N.C.

The attorney general of North Carolina has issues a formal complaint against one of the loan modification and credit repair companies. The company has been charging people advanced fees for services that often times would not be handled properly resulting in the foreclosure and loss of someone’s home. This company specifically Eddie Long had advertised himself as an experienced credit repair professional. The information he provided was often times simply falsified, and none of the things that he claimed he could do for people simply were not true. The complaint doesn’t come from the specific inability for him to not be able to get things done, the complaint comes from unsettling business practices. Eddie Long had been charging in advanced for his credit repair and foreclosure avoidance assistance, which in the state of North Carolina is illegal. The other major deal was that for the people he failed to follow through on in either the credit repair or the foreclosure that asked for a refund he simply ignored. Eddie Long has taken advantage of people who need one of the most important services offered in the financial community, credit repair, and is rightfully barred from engaging in business through his company in North Carolina. The eventual goal of the attorney general is to completely shut down the credit repair company for not only false advertisement, but for failure to return money for services. The company deserves to go under, the violation of fair business especially in the credit repair industry is absolutely intolerable.


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