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Santa Ana Credit Repair Firm Lawsuit!

A credit repair company based in Santa Ana has been charged by Federal Regulators on Wednesday for biking ten million dollars. It has been charged that this credit repair company has pushed those people into more problems that were desperately looking for a solution for their debt problems.

Federal Trade Commission has forced a lawsuit while accusing the National Consumer Council of Deceptive Claims. The practices from this agency offer real worries for so many people. FTC has also charged that the council has violated the Do Not Call rule implemented by Government registry. Due to such a reason more than 1,000 complaints have been registered. People who have put their phone details on this list have given complaints about it. They have also charged that calls from the telemarketers have offered them lots of problems.

This has been marked as the first law force implemented by FTC. It has taken such step due to an alleged violation of the law. Unwanted telemarketing calls have really disturbed people’s life.  Due to the lawsuit, the agency has confirmed that council has billed things wrongly as far as its services are concerned. It has also announced itself as a nonprofit organization and propelled pushed people into a possible scam when they have enrolled themselves with its debt settlement programs. This company has negotiated to offer a onetime fee with the customers. Credit repair.


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