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Chances are if you need credit repair, you’ve got an underwhelming score. And you probably feel like a loser because of it. I did, although I wasn’t. Alas, in our contemporary economics, the credit agencies wield enormous power with that FICO score. At the dawn of the current recession, I felt particular helpless as my score kept tumbling. My middle-class life, balanced by consumption, debt and a steady job, once translated to an average score of 711. A few months later, after my employer trimmed salary and benefits, I was in the low 600s. Following my wife’s health scare and unexpected hospital bills, with more borrowing and late payment, I was down in the 500s and feeling lower. What to do? There is no Credit Repair Emporium at the mall, and when I asked for advice from creditors, their party line was: “You don’t want to dig a deeper hole.” Bankruptcy? That would be conceding defeat. Luckily, I elected to think my way out of the hole — accumulating information and learning everything about credit repair on my own. In less than a year, my score improved to 798, and it’s pushing the mid 800s today. Moral: When your score is bad, you’ll naturally feel bad, and there is no immediate fix … but if you do the homework and keep your wits while making tough decisions – you WILL repair your credit!

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