Spiritual Credit Repair

Peter Popoff often times seen preaching on television is now singing a new tune. His new tune is supernatural credit repair and debt relief. Essentially it is all a con, the person is using a religious front as a way to promote something for himself. This is downright a scam and it is sad that someone drops down to the level of using religion to scam someone out of money. Exactly how the scam has been working is still unclear, however Popoff is preaching credit repair through the bible, which as most people know there is no book of credit repair after revelations. People should always look at things like this and remember that if it seems too good to be true it probably is, going to church does not give you credit repair or any other form of debt relief. Always keep a watchful eye out for things that try to take advantage of something that a person is naturally inclined to, and if it is tied in with something like religion be extra weary. Business and religion often times don’t mix, and therefore to see credit repair as part of a spiritual ceremony is absolutely absurd. Watch for potentially more of these springing up in the future, especially if the economy stays down like it has the past few years. You know it is brutal when people are preaching debt relief and credit repair as a televangelist. Always be weary of what is going on when it comes to potential credit repair scams.

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