Credit Repair

Following the Rules and Regulation of FTC!

According to Federal law Jodie Bernstein, it’s illegal for telemarketers to conduct credit repair and to inquire for money unless six months after they offer their services. Mr. Jodie Bernstein is the director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Every day, there are numbers of people who are involved in some type of financial transactions.

If you are facing this sort of problem, then you need to take a wise decision. When you are moving for your credit repair, you need to look for the FTC rules and regulations. Now, FTC plans to shut down 31 credit repair firms for their bad services.

By the words of Molly Brauer, if you really believe on the tooth of fairy, then you could believe in ads from companies that are offering guarantee to fix your bad credit report. Even, they can promise to fix late payments, bankruptcies, and negative information of your bad credits.

However, the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t believe in fairy tales. So, FTC has undertaken these companies to shut down 31 credit repair firms this year due to their illegal claims. Now, you can get more information about FTC credit repair from the web. It is the best option for you to take advantages of credit repair services.


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