Credit Repair Scam

A firm based out of Texas is the newest target in Arkansas for falsely stating it can do credit repair and is again charging up front which is a violation of federal law. TRW Ventures is the firm that is in violation of how you can legally charge for credit repair, the suite against them is aimed at not only stopping their practices, as well as seeking restitution for people who fell victim of this companies practices. The problem with this specific firm is that they are offering credit repair, taking the money from the potential client up front, while not actually providing any service for the money that is being fronted. People who seek credit repair often times fall victim to these organizations due to the fact that they feel it is a last chance to improve their financial record. Credit repair like anything else you are thinking of engaging in requires research, look hard into a company before you leap into anything. Meaning don’t just simply take the first one you see online, no matter what situation financially you are in, some of these credit repair companies are simply scams just like this company proved to be. Credit repair is something that people really can use in many cases, however just always be weary of the company that is offering the services, if they are claiming to be able to work miracles they probably cannot. Financial information is all numbers, and therefore follows probabilities, meaning miracles are often times out of the question.


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