Credit Repair, Improve your Credit Score!

Credit repair: Different credit bureaus use to analyze your Fico OR Beacon Score in a slight different manner. Each and every credit bureau uses to produce own scores and provides it in a different name.

  • Equifax calls the score a Beacon Score
  • Transunion calls it an Empirica Score
  • Experian calls it a Fair Isaac Score

Your score will change every time that something changes on your own bureau. Though there are several details required to calculate your score but no formula has been yet disclosed to the public. Lenders will look at your credit score and income when determining interest rates. Credit repair.

There are several things you need to consider to improve your credit score. Some of the factors are discussed below:

  • Pay your bills on time. Though it is sounding very simple but still it is the most effective way to keep your score high. Delinquent payments can have a negative impact on your credit score, so just avoid it.
  • Keep your balance low as high balance can affect a score
  • In calculating your score the amount of unused credit plays an important role, so apply for credits that you need.
  • Always ensure that information on your credit report is accurate otherwise dispute it with the lender or Bureau Company directly.



Credit Repair Blog

Chances are if you need credit repair, you’ve got an underwhelming score. And you probably feel like a loser because of it. I did, although I wasn’t. Alas, in our contemporary economics, the credit agencies wield enormous power with that FICO score. At the dawn of the current recession, I felt particular helpless as my score kept tumbling. My middle-class life, balanced by consumption, debt and a steady job, once translated to an average score of 711. A few months later, after my employer trimmed salary and benefits, I was in the low 600s. Following my wife’s health scare and unexpected hospital bills, with more borrowing and late payment, I was down in the 500s and feeling lower. What to do? There is no Credit Repair Emporium at the mall, and when I asked for advice from creditors, their party line was: “You don’t want to dig a deeper hole.” Bankruptcy? That would be conceding defeat. Luckily, I elected to think my way out of the hole — accumulating information and learning everything about credit repair on my own. In less than a year, my score improved to 798, and it’s pushing the mid 800s today. Moral: When your score is bad, you’ll naturally feel bad, and there is no immediate fix … but if you do the homework and keep your wits while making tough decisions – you WILL repair your credit!