Credit repair Scams

Credit Repair For Loan Scam

This Credit Repair Scam claims to clean your credit fast and use our contacts to get you a mortgage (or credit card or loan).

This is possibly one of the more recent credit-repair scams — and one of the most costly to their consumers. Con artists target the hard pressed, dangling the promise of much needed money or loans in front of desperate consumers as an incentive to pay, pay and pay. Some credit repair scam outfits mimic credit counseling agencies, while others imitate mortgage companies. All they ever seem to do is hit you up for more and more money, then leave you with nothing but an even lighter bank account.

Since there are genuine community nonprofit groups and credit repair companies that help educate consumers and help with affordable housing issues, scammers may also try to imitate that business model. The best advice I can give to my readers is hold onto your wallet tightly and be wary of any big promises and fast fixes.

Above all do your own credit repair research, find out who it is you are really working with and be prepared for bad news.

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