Credit Repair Business Software

Credit repair business: with the downward spiral of the American economy and its inevitable rebound approaching many entrepreneurs look toward what people will need once things start looking up. More and more people are looking to credit repair because of its obvious need for someone coming back from hard times.

There are many credit repair software’s and credit repair systems that are offered today that could help;

DisputeSuite offers their users the tools needed to start, run and manage their very own credit repair business with; customer management, credit report management, dispute letter automation, dispute letter library, sales management, customer portal and many other features.

Credit-Aid is more for end users and not really credit repair businesses but they do offer a guarantee to increase your credit score or your money back! It works faster than any other method. Order free credit reports, remove errors, dispute negative items with removal letters written by attorneys, negotiate with creditors and keep organized. Repairs credit for 3 family members, includes Lifetime User-License, ID Theft Rescue, Credit Secrets Ebook & more.

Credit Repair Software works much the same way it allows you to manage all your customers, create dispute letters, Automate you work – saving you loads time, keep accurate records of which accounts have been disputed and when, maintain payment records, and LOTS MORE!

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