The creditor scam

Credit Repair Scams: The old we can convince the creditor that you don’t really owe this debt scam has been around for years. But when you’re credits hurting and it seems like there’s nothing you can do… people will believe just about anything.

What you should know about this particular Credit repair scam is it’s along the same line as people who claim that the Internal Revenue Service is illegal or challenge the validity of U.S. currency (in other words credit crazy). The way it works is similar to the previous scam (“The In” with credit bureaus scam). Con artists will come up with a scheme to have you challenge the debt or they will bombard the debt holder with procedural requests that will supposedly make them drop the claim, Federal agencies have described these schemes as bogus.

“There are times when consumers do have defenses to debt.” And that’s when it’s time to bring in a lawyer. Credit Repair.