credit repair and how fare to go

credit repair is often different from one person to another but still there are common methods of getting it done. For example; on your credit report there are more than likely errors that need to be reported to the credit bureaus, these can hugely affect your credit and the powers that be want to know of the error so that you have a credit report that better represents you. But that then brings me to my next credit repair point, its in your best interest to report anything that looks negative as an error… there are so many moving parts on a persons credit report that little edits like this could mean the difference in getting that new car you need to get to work with. See most people in todays economy dont want to “not” pay their bills on time or at all, its people are out of work or cant get to the work they can get.

when i went through my little unemployment experience, it nearly destroyed me and i know it destroyed my credit… but more importantly i knew i owed these people money, i just had no options, i sold anything i had of value… eating cup-o-noodles… the whole 9 yards, i really wanted to pay these people and it really took me digging deep and getting two jobs to get out of it. Take care of your credit, any way you can, you never know when you’ll need it again. Trust me credit repair.